Flowers on Friday

This tree is buzzing now that its subtle white flowers are draping down.

 This might be my favourite standard rose when its blooms burst forth.

This climber is so beautiful and intrigues me, does anyone know what it is?

the flowers open from he centre of a 'lily pad' like leaf then turn into berries which are sort of translucent in appearance and a dark orange/red colour.

Thank you  for all the well wishes, I'm giving myself a double dose of Olive leaf extract and am feeling quite a bit better today, most definitely on the mend. Some time pottering in the sunshine has helped too I'm sure, I'm still taking it fairly easy though and looking forward to the weekend.


  1. The flowers look like honeysuckle. I have it in my backyard but the flowers are mainly white.

    1. Thanks Debbie but I don't think its honeysuckle, it doesn't have the sweet scent and its flower is considerably bigger .

    2. I agree! I didn't see where you said it has berries. What an interesting plant.

    3. It looks like you were on the right track Debbie! Its wild honeysuckle from France! "chevrefeuille"

  2. It looks just like the wild honeysuckle we have here in the south of France. No strong scent not like the UK honeysuckle and then berries. The pointed leaves are a good sign - the french call honeysuckle "chevrefeuille" because the leaves (feuilles) look like goat (chevre) tongues!

    I came over from Rhonda at Down to Earth.

    1. OMGosh thank you so much! I have just done a bit of Google image searching and found this on a French blog referred to as mandarin Honeysuckle! Thank you so much again, I'm so pleased to know what it is!


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