Floriade 2013

On Sunday we got up Early, well early given it was the start of daylight savings and headed off to Floriade for the morning. I haven't made the effort to go for the last couple of years which really is a shame as I do love it there. There is always something gorgeous to look at and pockets of calm or festivity to suit your preference everywhere.

This is a very picture heavy, long post so you might want to grab a cuppa before reading on ...

I love these information boards they put at each bed telling you what it is an image of, it adds an extra dimension to the garden art related to that years theme.

 The portrait gallery did something clever with a mirror, however when taking a photo in front of it the frame concept was lost on most people. We did see a couple getting some fun wedding photos done there though.

I really liked these mirror kangaroos too.

A visiting Pelican graced me with a beautiful frame! there were two on the water and the kids were delighted to see pelicans as they are not a bird we commonly see here in our inland city. My Daughter got some awesome bird photos using my old camera with the better optical zoom.

If you were wondering its not just all about the flowers :)

The view from the Ferris wheel is not to be missed if you want to see the design for what it really is. The garden bed with the circles represents our botanic gardens and the stripes represent Questacon - our national science and technology centre. We went to questacon at the start of daylight savings last year!

I didn't have a good enough lens to get the further beds, is you enlarge it you may be able to make out the blue tooth logo in the shadowed bed at the top left which is the CSIRO, the footprint or horse shoes are the museum of Australian democracy. If you are interested to read more about this and see the design drawings of all the garden beds there is an excellent page detailing them on the Floriade website.

There was wonderful reptile enclosure in the kids corner area where the kids (and grown ups) could touch snakes turtles & lizards. There were others we could look at in enclosures, these were typically the ones that wouldn't take nicely to patting, like the huge Goanna or the ones that were tiny. There were educators wandering around this area with snakes entwined around an arm or a lizard across their chest and you could pat and chat, learning a bit about the scaly one you were interacting with. 
My memory card was full by the time we got there it was our last stop before heading home. 

I leave you with a couple of pretty flower pics and hope you enjoyed seeing Floriade through my eyes.


  1. Wonderful flower show. I would love to go to Canberra sometime in Spring. What wonderful views from the Ferris Wheel, but views I would miss, as I'm terrified of those things...

    1. The key to me being able to enjoy the Ferris wheel is to look outward always and not to look down.

  2. What a beautiful day out Tammy the tulips are amazing en mass

    1. They really are Pam, some stunning varieties too.


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