Crochet Hexagon Table runner

Have I told you that crochet Hexagons are invading my thought space?

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this table runner I made over the last week or two, as it was coming together you may have had a peek on Facebook or Flickr too. 

I started out intending it to be circular to sit on my round table, I joined my first little hexie flower with blue yarn, but when I Completed all the crochet hexagons and started to join the second tier I realised that the blue join wasn't cutting it for me visually any more, I wanted them to meld together apparently seamlessly. As I was unhappy with the blue I pulled it all out very carefully and from then on joined with the colour of the hexagon I was adding, or that of an adjacent colour.

Reverse of table runner

I used a whip stitch through the back loop seam, which is the first time I have joined this way and it worked really well I'm so pleased with the result and found this method of joining with a needle quite soothing in the process. When I had added all the completed Hexagons into the work the circular shape didn't please me so I set to work again and added another half dozen to end up with this.

These hexagons are quite small, they would fit in the palm of my hand. I used a 2.00 mm hook and the yarn I used is Holst Garn Supersoft wool, I love the earthy toned quality and subtle shade variation each & every colour seems to have about it. 

Walking into my meals area and seeing this on the table adds so much Happy to my Day. I haven't worked the Hexagons out of my system yet and have another pattern in production now. using the same size hook and Same yarn though the motifs are much bigger. I think it will be another table topper as its a bit too lacey to work as a throw or cushion cover in my house with children, where we snuggle under the throws on the couch.


  1. It looks great Tammy! A lovely mix of colour. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Jo. I'm really pleased with it.

  3. This is so lovely Tammy!!

    1. Thanks gorgeous, it really is so soft and lovely.


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