Back to School

Well the holidays are over for us today and my kiddo's are back at school. We really enjoyed this lazy holiday and I think everyone is at an stage/age now where they can relax in their own way but still share, interact with and work around each other much better than we have managed before. I'm usually glad to have them returning to school after a couple of weeks at home but I'ma bit sad its over this time.

Today while they are gone Once my dishes are done and washing is hung, I think I'll take a wander around the garden, maybe do a bit of weeding then settle down with some Downton Abbey and my growing pile of  crochet hexagons. Happy Monday!


  1. I do like those crochet hexagons. Maybe that should be my next project. x

    1. I'm already dreaming up more hexagons Zara! they are a bit addictive :)


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