What's for dinner?

A couple of weeks ago I spent $12.00 on this white board from the reject shop. Its framed and came with the pen and 4 little domed magnets. I pulled out my neglected scrap booking supplies and gave it a purpose.

I used some felt thickers for the title and Heidi grace rub ons just to pretty it up a bit, I rubbed them directly onto the white board and additionally used a few for the magnets too. The dotted line is a sticker. I took these photos last week but didn't get around to writing the post. Dads choice was for fathers day.

My board is currently undergoing a trial transformation with a two week menu laid out in columns, well I think I have about 10 days on it right now but I only ruled it up Sunday night. This is working so well for me. I have barely had a complaint about dinner since I started and I think its purely because they know what is coming days in advance.

The original idea was to get me more organised in my kitchen money saving and to help me attain my goal of slashing our monthly grocery spend by $200.00 ( it was pretty crazy I'm telling you peeps. ) Though it has also eradicated that dreaded question I was getting multiple times each afternoon and evening. "Mum, whats for dinner?"

Do you meal plan, and if so is it on display or accessible to the family?


  1. The magnet board looks great T!!
    We have a loosely written weekly menu and I find that Mr9 copes much better with knowing in advance what is for dinner, especially when he helps draw the list up.

  2. This is a great idea and your magnet board looks fanastic Tammy! I'm thinking that perhaps I need to try this! :)

  3. Love the title using papercraft supplies Tammy! Great idea, I have a friend who organises a menu each Sunday and shops on Monday to collect whatever ingredients she needs for anything for the week. Very organised! Hope it settles into a nice routine for you :-)


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