On Rainy Days ...

I really don't mind a rainy Spring Days, but for the fact that I am so much less productive during them.
When the days are very grey I find myself wishing I had a crochet blanket on the go, one that is already a substantial length so I can cosy down under it as I work. Of course it would be pointless to actually start a blanket at this time because this would not serve to meet the desired effect.

 So I might sit pinning to my crochet & knitting board on pinterest while looking at other peoples lovely crochet blankets online 'seeking inspiration' as I make a mental note to start one and  not just start it but to have it well under way by the time the next rainy day rolls around.

The only problem with this plan is that when the sun shows its face I am so pleased to get outside with my camera again, there are piles of washing to do and hang on the line and other neglected house chores that I've been suddenly inspired to do. Then of course the Spring sun almost always inspires me to get into the studio and start sewing too, pushing all thoughts of crochet blanket from my mind.

A creative Quandary, but at least its a happy one. :)
Can anyone relate to this?


  1. Oh, I can totally relate to that feeling, I think I'm part lizard or something! I've just finished up all my crochet blankets for the season, but grey days are definitely knitting weather. Bring back the sunshine though - so I can get some motivation.

    1. I have been wondering if I'm solar powered too Cass. :)


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