Friday Flowers - Grevilleas

Today I'm sharing some of the natives currently flowering in our garden each in its own inconspicuous way. Some of these are so tiny, the pink one on the bottom left for example and the colours of the oranges are so bland that they would go unnoticed by a lot of people.

Unfortunately I only know the name of one here and its the one at the bottom right. This is an orange Box Grevillea ( it still has its tag attached and intact ) Some Google searching tells me the one above it may possibly be Grevillea Gold fever, the pink at bottom left is probably Grevillea sericea - Pink Spider Flower. The variety of Reds are so vast that I cant find the one featured in the main and top right images or the central one at the bottom. 

The shrub featured in the main image of this collage had a label that broke off in my hand its a really pretty little one with quite attractive soft foliage. Grevillea Lanigera Australian Beauty. The one on the bottom right had a really very faded label that I took a photo of and enhanced to just readable with deepening the shadows, to find its also called Australian Beauty but a Grevillea Sericea.

This Friday Flowers turned out to be a really interesting and educational project for me as my mind expanded to take in such a broad array different types of Grevillea that actually exist, I think there are a few more here that aren't flowering yet. I must say I am surprised to have found 12 different varieties flowering and one very dead one with a label attached - isn't that always the way.

I took these photos yesterday when it was not raining.
Have a great Weekend peeps! 


  1. I love grevillea, your garden must be amazing Tammy, no wonder you get so many birds visiting!


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