Waffle Weave dishcloths

As I was preparing to write this post I looked at my Blog and noticed this post in my linkedwithin bar at the bottom of my last post! I think that may have been the first time I knitted a waffle weave dishcloth and I have knitted a few over the years! I do so love the pattern, I even turned this flawed one into a bunny! 

Reading back over that first post I linked, makes me realise how far I have come with my knitting in even just the last 12 months, I notice mistakes much more quickly and I can actually remember the simple 4 line pattern repetition now :) I set out to knit myself 7 new dishcloths as a part of this process I am currently going through. I find it quite soothing to sit and knit 4 rows when I need a break between some tasks and on nicer days I take my knitting out in the sun and do some in the fresh air.

 I have lots of Bendigo woollen mills 8 ply cotton, so great range of choice for colours. I decided on Navy, yellow and a darker pink to round out my 7. However as my little pile of pretty squares grows I can't stop thinking about how lovely they would look all stitched together as a patchwork blanket. I have had a creative desire to make a crochet blanket of big plain granny squares for a while now and I guess I can see that in these solid blocks of colour.

I cant say if it will end up a pretty stack of dishcloths or a small part of a big blanket, either way it will be something useful and I find the meditative process of knitting something simple and easy on bigger needles to be of value to me as I navigate home making and simpler family choices again.


  1. I'm a big fan of the waffle weave for cloths because of high and low structure gives it could bulk and scrubbiness. I do mine in crochet and they make up in no time. Great project for car trips etc. There is a step by step tutorial on my blog if you want to try the crochet method too. Have just ordered some Bendigo Classic and it'll be here any day now, can't wait!


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