Such a Treat!

Quite a few times over the last week and a half I have noticed a lone Eastern Rosella out on the ground in our old vege patch feeding. It is always between 7 and 8 am and struck me as odd because I usually see them in twos. Then on Monday I saw her heading back further up into the longer, weedier area, where I saw a flash of red ... Hang on a sec there is a second bird hiding in that long grass!

I couldn't have been more delighted to see her then feed it!
 It was her youngster learning to fossick, on natural seeds - we don't put out seeds for the bids we provide water and diverse range of plants for honey and insect eaters as well as native birds. I just adore seeing Mama birds feeding their young and teaching them how to source food. I pulled a step up to the kitchen sink so both of my Children could see this as well then sneaked out through the Laundry to try and get a photo. Eastern Rosellas are extremely flighty and I knew I didn't have much chance. The adult disappeared the second I opened the door I guess and this little guy didn't last much longer, my point and shoot is on full zoom here, I took one step closer and it was up into the tree so I gave up and left them to feed in peace.

We are so blessed to have such diverse bird life visiting our garden, these guys are not rare, but no less appreciated.


  1. Lovely blog post T, I love seeing nature so close to home :) J.xx


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