Studio Declutter

Last weekend I tackled my messy messy studio...

Before :-

If you have been reading here a while you would know about my creative space but for those who don't my studio is an enclosed veranda that was used by the previous owners for orchids and as a bird aviary. In the middle of summer its too hot to be a practical workspace as with the coldest winter days.

I had moved a smaller table inside to sew for Blythefest and the studio became a place where I stacked and left creative supplies and things unattended. I posted this pic on Social media, taken with my phone when I had already cleaned off most of the table.

My studio is furnished with mostly hand me down furniture and makeshift storage and while its not my ideal 'dream' creative space, it is so very pleasing to have a place to keep my crafty things, work in and  call my own.

After :-

Here is what it looks like now, taken from a similar position in the room. The window that you see my reflection in looks into the house. Moving pieces of furniture helped to create a kind of divide and also let more light into the space.

I put one of my storage cupboards across the room which creates a partial divide and I swapped tables. I now use the smaller one as my sewing and work space and the kids have the larger one down at the other end. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, it reduces clutter for me and is more valuable as a work space for them! There is plentiful room for both to work and as it is so deep, craft supplies can sit at the back and be stored there without compromise on work space! I also anchored a cotton rug under the big table and its a great hidey hole for the kids too, or reading nook as my Daughter likes to call it.

These drawers hold patters, fabric and etsy stock. The plastic drawers on top of them are mainly holding tools and paper craft things, stickers, alphas and such. I have some charm squares and layer cakes held up on the metal strip wall with magnets.

There is space for some dolls on my table too, this is my Middie Manor with other pretty crafty things sitting on top. Two big tubs under the table one used for wool and wool blend yarn, the other has quilt batting and polyfill stuffing. Most of my Cotton yarns are in the picnic basket of the image above.

 This is looking back toward the other end where the kids can work and play. The dresser on the right of this picture wasn't moved at all. I made pin boards last year to cover the top panels of the raw pine sorage cupboard, it is fitter out with shelves and contains, paper, card stock, papercraft tools ... lots of completed projects, Scrapbook albums, doll clothes ... and lots of other stuff too.

I still have a few little bits and pieces to move and sort but its looking good and I'm really happy with the changes so far.

Happy Sunday Lovely readers. x


  1. All very cool, and I saw a couple of ideas that I can use for my own workspace. I especially like the little stack of styro material. We save that here, too, and the boys and I make all kinds of stuff with it, mostly involving the cars and train set. It is also a safe thing to use for sawing. Messy, but so much fun.

  2. Looking amazing.
    Changing the furniture around can make such a difference and makes the whole space fresh again. x

  3. Looking awesome, isn't it such a great feeling to have everything Just where you want it, lots of creativity will be happening there x


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