Making Kids Clothes

Making clothes for my Children, my daughter in particular has been playing on my mind a lot these last couple of weeks. I realise she is at an age where some of the patterns I used to make things for her previously may be too small now and not only that but that she may not want to wear Mummy made clothes for too much longer! :(

This bothers me and is something I am setting out to rectify in coming days ... weeks ... months. I know the mechanics are essentially the same but the methods for making doll clothes and childrens clothes are somewhat different, but if can sew a dress for a 12 inch doll, surely I can make some appropriate things for Primary School children to wear. Right?

I think I'll ease my way back in with some simple skirts like these ones I made when she was 4 or 5 and then see what it sparks and where it takes me.

The floral cotton in this skirt has worn & aged to be the softest sweetest fabric.

I bundled up these long outgrown items, packaged them up in a paper shopping bag and dropped them off on a neighbours doorstep yesterday. This lovely neighbour has become a friend, she quilts. So knowing she would appreciate anything created by hand I asked her if she would like these, if they don't fit her young daughter now, I think they will quite soon. I also dropped off 4 large bags of outgrown clothes in charity bins, I find the things the Children have outgrown ( not just clothes ) contribute to a large portion of our current clutter and I'm slowly working through it.
Have a lovely Weekend all!


  1. Oh I know what you mean about lovely cottons washed and worn to a beautiful softness. It's the equivalent to a patina on metals (if that makes sense) and your picture reminded me of a dress from long ago when I had little ones.
    I also remember well the dilemma of childrens clothing. They get to an age when hand knits, though comfy and super warm are no longer "cool" and home sewing items will not be tolerated...except maybe for night attire. I found the choices in stores were totally inappropriate being mini adult clothing versions. Not only were the styles sexualising but they were definitely not providing warmth or durability. I should add I had girls, I don't know how it is for raising boys but I suspect they have the same feelings about home made clothes too. It's not easy but there are a lot of mums going through the exact same thing. When I was little I can remember having wants and desires but I was grateful for what I was given but subsequent generations seem to have much greater consumer expectations....who is to blame is another topic for discussion.
    Skirts can be well tolerated most of the time and they are also a great first sewing project for kids to tackle themselves too so that also helps. They are more on-side when they make themselves too. Good luck

    1. I love your comparison to metal patina, its perfect. I relate to most of what you are saying here, I have asked her and she says she will still wear Mummy made but I suspect it will be with a lot more input from her :) Thanks for the tip about skirts too! x

  2. I love the butterfly print. It would look really nice as either a summer dress or a little pinafore. I also like the floral skirt, it is so pretty and could be dressed up or down for a little girl.


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