Finding Balance

I'm really trying to keep it simple, and I do feel that I am well and truly back on the path but I guess this is a bumpy section. I'm finding it quite tricky to 'balance' everything, I'm trying to remember to be gentle on myself, as I do realise its a process and try to keep that in my awareness. Not getting jobs done for a day or two is easy to recover from when they have been in order for the preceding 4, 5 ... and more days.

I guess I'm in a sort of transition phase here where I am weighing up the value of things and time spent. There are some things that I can see I am doing quite well in. I have regained queen of my kitchen title in that I am cleaning it in a different way, shopping better and more economically, storing things more appropriately, preparing more from scratch and reducing excess. Much of my focus is on food and kitchen related activity again in my current simple quest. though there are so many more things I want to do and am never quite sure where to allocate my time.

I thought about and re-evaluated what was taking me away from my family and it boiled down to my Blythe hobby and Etsy shop. I'm not willing to walk away from these things now, as they do bring me joy and I have put so much of myself into my Etsy business. Though when I looked at it in terms of the value it added to my life against my familys needs something had to change. So I decided to sell some of my dolls, down to approximately half the number I had at the start, with the money I am receiving for the dolls I repaid a small debt I had incurred and the rest so far going towards my first DSLR camera which I placed order for today. This is so exciting !!! I have been saving for a quite while now in a 'camera fund' and wanting to broaden my photography horizons for ever so long.

This decision to sell the dolls is a part of what caused the bumpy road this week, so much time deciding who should stay and who should go then listing them for sale online, going over their condition and features, reviewing prices, taking photos etc .... the thing I am trying to reduce my time commitment to actually sucked up quite a lot of time. Its no easy task then going on to sell a Blythe girl that you have noted to be in excellent condition, spent time dressing and photographing and boding with purely so you may to move her on to a new home. Though I do know what I am giving up is well worth the reward I get in return.

 I've not been sewing, I have been doing a little knitting, lots of baking, rearranging furniture and improving flow in our home. This week throws a bit of real spring our way with temps all in the low 20's, fruit trees beginning to blossom and beautiful sunshine which feeds my motivation in the most bountiful way. I hope to pop back here for another post or two this week, I'm also trying hard to find my blogging voice again.

I hope you are seeing some sunshine too. x


  1. ahhh gorgeous, finding the rhythm in everyday life is something that so many take for granted... there are so many distractions in our lives today!! when i first started me on my more simple life quest, a friend pointed me in the direction of Rhonda's Down to Earth blog (she also has a book which is great too) which really helped me get back to basics. ultimately, you need to do what makes you happy in a whole way...


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