Date and Orange loaf

I made this for the first time yesterday. The recipe is from Jam drops and marble cake a N.S.W CWA recipe book that I love and look to often, it is filled with lovely 'old fashioned' yummy treats.

I looked for the recipe online but can't find it published anywhere, so I'm not sure if it would be right to share it here. The batter was a lovely consistency and the aroma of vanilla and citrus combined was just divine. This loaf is made with raw sugar, no milk and very little butter.

The texture is lovely and the loaf tastes so good, its just right, not too dry or too moist, not exactly Cakey either. Delicious with butter and just as nice without.

 I've had this one marked to try for a little while now and am glad I finally did, I'll be making it again for sure I also tried out a new Banana muffin recipe from the book too. Date and Orange loaf was first judged in 2005 and Banana Muffins were first judged in 2007. Both more modern recipes.

its good to be baking again.


  1. OOOhhhh yummy! Wish I could pop by and have a taste test. :-) Instead have ordered from Fishpond so I can make my own. lol

  2. Sounds like a yummy cake Tammy. I baked a date and walnut slice today, always feels good to have made something healthy to eat:)

  3. Tammy sounds & looks utterly delicious x


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