The Simple life path.

Right now I am reflecting and re centring myself. 
I'm feeling quite peaceful and there is a familiar but long lost kind of contentment creeping over me.
I take moments during my day to work on a homespun living waffle weave dish cloth and read Rhonda's book. I'm back to basics and baby steps, taking it gently and soaking up moments.

I'm establishing routines and focussing my energy on nurturing, home and family.

I'm not sure if there was a single incident that bought the way I was travelling to a screeching halt or if it was another serendipitous series of things that bought me back to this point. Whatever it was or how ever it happened, I'm feeling grounded and looking forward with a different perspective now to what I was a month ago. Lets see where it takes me this time :)


  1. Sometimes our reality needs a jolt. Keep smiling!

  2. Good for you Tammy!
    I think life is a bit like that sometimes.
    As long as we keep finding our way back to what makes us smile we'll be ok. x

  3. It's better than a holiday, just enjoying your home and family to the utmost,
    Gently does it best

  4. A wonderful book to remind us to slow down!

    I yearn for the days I can slow the pace once more and live simply, but until then I take a little simplicity from each day.

    Enjoy your own simplicity Tammy, you sound really grounded right now?

  5. Tammy, well done. It's a nice feeling to recognise the little achievements, that together mean a simpler life. x

  6. Beautiful! I'm loving 'Down To Earth' too!


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