Snow Day

Last week we let our kids have an extra couple of days off School and headed off to perisher for the day.
The entire way there it was a glorious Sunny Day, so much so that we arrived at the snow with The Mr in a T shirt! It was windy, very windy but the sun shining through the car windows and high spirits made us forget the chill in the air outside.

After many cries of how long and when will we see snow, from the three younger passengers we started to see this admittedly we were pretty much there, already in the national Park before we saw any snow.

 We arrived to see this

Our plan was just to play on the toboggans and it didn't take too long to get geared up in the hire clothing we picked up in Cooma on the way and the kids were into it ( the adults too )

It was only 0 deg when we were there but that was plenty cold enough for us and there was enough snow to have the experience and a good few hours of (mostly ) fun.

 The lil Mr had a hard time remembering the name for toboggans and kept referring to them as kerbobbins which I loved hearing, I think playing on kerbobbins sounds so absolutely fun and is super cute!

We wound it up all cold and tired and started the long drive home, the snow trip has never really held a lot of appeal for me but I think I may have laughed more than anyone else and it might become an annual tradition 


  1. Looks like a fun day!!
    Good on you for making the effort, I bet the kids talk about it all year.

  2. I did that a couple of years ago, with my best friend and her daughter. It's a long drive but lots of fun!


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