Rainbow layer cake!

My Daughter had a Birthday recently and I spend quite a large portion of the week prior working on getting her cake right. 5 layers of various colours, paper straws, bakers twine & washi tape for bunting and Some little paper flowers finishing it off.

All topped and connected with Vanilla butter cream.
Birthday Girl and all her guests were delighted!

That last image is a bit discoloured, taken at the venue on a pale green table under artificial light it looks much more yellow than it actually was. During the research for this cake I learned what a crumb coat is ... why oh why did I not know this before now? 

Happy Sunday Sweet Peeps. xx


  1. Tammy this is so beautiful.I love the colours.my little boy just saw it and wants one as well-thanks -love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, it really was a labour of love for me.

  2. It looks amazing Tammy. Well done :)

  3. Fantastic. Looks SO good!!! ...wish I could have some right now with my cuppa.

  4. My belated happy birthday wishes to Miss ... Eight? if I calculated right.

  5. Amazing Tammy.
    The colours are so pretty.


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