Countdown for Blythefest

Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook fan page.
( and then most other social media streams I am on )

On my Facebook page. Girlswearbluetoo - pretty things for Blythe dolls.
facebook status

I should point out don't use Facebook from a personal interaction standpoint but do use it via my fan page to promote my Etsy shop keep up with other businesses and bloggers I like. Facebook is more about the dolls and less about other parts of life where my blog is the opposite of that!

Blythefest is on in Sydney next weekend and I have a half table for trading, the majority of what I have for sale will be Middie Blythe dresses. I'm sharing pictures of the dresses I complete over this weekend on my facebook fan page so if you want a sneak peek of some of the available stock before the day just pop on over and like my page. 

Middie Blythe dresses

I'm still not sure I will make it to 17. I still have other family related work and play to do as well. I'm not someone who is in a position to neglect all else and head down to sew for days.
I made really good progress yesterday and added 5, though to be fair some were already in progress so I didn't start and finish 5 in one day, I'm off to an earlier start today though so will see how it all pans out.

Happy long weekend lovely readers. x