Blythefest 2013

Last week My Daughter and I headed off to Sydney for the annual Blythefest event.
The theme this year was Dollywood. I barely took any photos, I was too busy chatting and admiring.

Blythefest Best dressed Character

 I sent my little Miss off to take some photos during the day, to get her out from behind our table, she was the best little helper and did not want to leave.

She got this pic of some of the competition dolls, this was the character category and what the dolls are wearing was to be handmade by the entrant can you believe some of the amazing work and detail in these outfits! it was amazing, the photo at the top of this post has more of the character entrants in it.

Blythefest best dressed character

This was my little display stand of Middie Blythe dresses late in the day, once over half had sold. I didn't even think to take a pic when we first set up. We were placed on a table with the lovely Aveline from Fashion Smitten, it was nice to meet her in person and I was so happy to see her win the Vintage Kenner Blythe that was the ultimate lucky door prize on the day!

This was my character entry. I dream of Jeannie, I think my Fashion Obsession Jenna, pulled off this character well with the lovely long blonde locks. I was really so very surprised to win third place when there were so many gorgeous entries to choose from.

I was doubly astounded to be given this White Mimsy Bear hat as my prize!
( Some of the other dolly girls look on with envy )

On Sunday we took a Ferry ride from many to Circular Quay It was so very Choppy across the heads. The wind was strong and the sun was shining, the kids loved the lurching of the ferry.

The were lots of surfers on the beach and so many sail boats out, people were really taking advantage of the winter sun and lovely water sport conditions.

Heading back to Manly was quite a bit calmer which my tummy and I were thankful for!

Blythefest was so awesome the girls who put it together did an amazing job and it was lovely to see how it had grown from last year, the donations and sponsor ship were fantastic, the food was good and the people were just lovely. I was so pleased to connect with so many of my online contacts and put faces with names it was lovely to have the chance to meet and mingle with all these who share a common interest.

Next years theme was Chosen and its Flower power! This excites me with my love of the Vintage Skipper patterns and clothes from the 60's and 70's. I'm on the look out for inspiration and fabrics already.

Today is dull, its raining and cold and I am wising I had a crochet Blanket on the go
so I could sit by the fire and work on it. Happy Monday to you!


  1. :) great write up! I wish there was an "official photographer" that went around taking pics of all the entrants and a list of winners or something that I could look at. Next year I will write them down as they are called and take pics.

    Your Jeannie was amazing (and I voted for her hehe). Excited about the theme for next year, I am so going to wear that hideous dress I bought at Vinnie (remember the one I modelled at Tara's house?) It is PERFECT LOL.

    So many amazing ideas are coming to mind for Flower Power.

    1. Tanks for your Vote Katie!
      I do remember that dress and it could not be more perfect!

  2. Was lovely to have a quick catch up Tammy, wish I could have stayed longer, was awesome to see so many wonderful dolls in one room & do some shopping.
    Rachel did well with her photo taking, such a little helper, how wonderful you won a prize and such an awesome one too x Pammy


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