Middie Blythe Dresses

Are what I have been busy sewing, lots of teeny tiny full skirted dresses
In an array of colours and prints.

I'm sewing for my 1/2 table at Blythefest 2013 my focus will be predominately Middie Dresses, I have decided to sell a little of my Vintage skipper collection and there will be some other odds and ends for Full sized Blythe girls too. I'll also have a few knits but I decided very late in the game to see if I could get a trade table and so don't have as much time to knit.

I can't sew when ever I want as I still have a family to care for too and I am managing it by getting in a seam here and a hem there. I usually have a few on the go at once and work in colour batches if I can, that way I am not changing thread as frequently. I sew snaps and cut out at night while watching TV with the Mr. I have had to move the sewing table inside the reading room as it is just too cold in the studio now, hence I now get a lot of sewing done while I am making dinner as I can just duck into the other room for a few minutes while I am preparing or waiting for things to cook. :)

For those of you not familiar with these little dolls each dress is just over 3 inches from shoulder to hem. My bodices are lined and I am pinking my edges on these as I found that zig zaging edges, as I do in my full sized Blythe dresses, was just making these little ones way to bulky and thick in the waist.
I was getting all knotted up about this but realised at the end of the day they are doll clothes and don't need to handle the rigours of people wear and washing. A Pinked Edge is perfectly durable, on a well constructed dress for Dollies.
I still have quite a few to make to present the display I would like to on the day, I have about 16 days of sewing left ahead of me and that is being generous given that we are hosting a Birthday Party in there too.

Wish me good sewing Karma. :)


  1. Awesome Tammy, they all look adoreable, cant wait to see them in the flesh


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