Crochet ripple finished.

I finished it!

In truth I finished weeks ago but hadn't updated here, I ended up just doing one last repeat of the teal, which was the first colour of the various bands.

So there are three repeats of all the other colours and 4 of the teal, The blanket lives on my chair where I craft, It covers my lap frequently on chilly evenings as I knit up dolly wear.

This was the largest Crochet project I have tackled and I am so pleased with how it turned out! I wouldn't mind doing a bigger ( wider mainly ) ripple in the future sometime as it is quite a soothing and rhythmic pattern to work, I really enjoyed it.


  1. Well done T!!
    It looks lovely and bright, it will lift your spirits to look at it, and snuggle under it, as the dull winter days set in :)

  2. Gorgeous Tammy!

  3. It's beautiful Tammy, you should be very proud of yourself.


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