Mario themed Birthday Party

Its been all stations go around here lately!
We are in the Birthday season and its a Party Year.

My Children get to have a Birthday Party, where friends are invited, each second year and alternate years are celebrations at home with family.

My Boy has turned another year older and after attending a Bithday Party at AMF bowling that is what he decided he would like to do. "Mum I want to take my mates bowling for my Party" 
Prior to that declaration I had been planning for a Mario party, and had a pin board with lots of great ideas, I kept some of these in the works for the party.

Mario Party ideas Pinboard

The day of his Birthday Super star cupcakes went off to school.
These are shortcrust pastry stars with yellow icing :)

Superstar cupcakes

We didn't actually book a Party package, instead I called and booked the lanes and asked if it was Ok to take some food and a cake, they were more than happy for me to do that which was great. We had the party in the afternoon and I set up a few bowls around the back of the seating for the kids. One with Natural Confectionery Company snakes, one with tiny teddies and another with Choc chip shortbread squares.

Cheese plate for transport to party

I took a plate for the grown ups too.
I was able to prepare all of this in advance, I put the kids treats in containers with lids for transport and simply removed them for serving, the serving containers are of no concern to the children, its the contents that matter :)

I have real issue with 'party bags'. I seem to have a pile that have been bought home, they sit in my fridge, full of 'treats' that my kids will never eat but that they also don't want to relinquish. I try to make our bags with minimal waste, minimal expense and activity as well as treats. We try keep our number of guests equal to the year of age the child is so for example turning 8 would get to invite 7 friends + a sibling. so preparing this kind of bag is manageable and this year he actually did most of the bag preparation himself. :)

Party Bags

This year his bags were transparent pencil cases. In each pencil case was 2 chocolate frogs, one Big tedz, and a pack of 3-Dees Mario jellies. A tiny tube of pencils, a little monster notebook, and a bouncy ball.
These were a big hit with his closest friends and most of the mums complimented me on them, which was really nice.

His Birthday Cake was Chocolate.
A round cake cut to form a One up Mushroom which I iced as appropriately as I was able, he liked it which was the main thing. 

One up Birthday Cake.

All in all it was a no fuss, easy party but I was still exhausted afterwards!
We have another one coming up too so there will be a second Kids party post in the next month or so!

In other news I am frantically trying to sew for a Blythefest trade table which I secured at the 11th hour. Hence, I feel largely unprepared for this in terms of stock levels. I still have the best part of 4 weeks to sew so will just have to see how it goes :)
We are heating pretty much all day and night now, there was a really good frost this morning, partially freezing the surface of the fish ponds and solidifying the water in the bird baths.

Enjoy what is left of your weekends Sweet readers! x


  1. Love the cupcakes, cake and party bags. Great job T!!
    Like you we are in the midst of birthday celebrations too...someone should tell you before you have kids not to have them one month after the other ;)
    Looking forward to seeing what Miss almost 9 is planning.

  2. Good planning, it is difficult with goodie bags - we made them for the kids at our wedding party and I wanted them to be full of activities rather than junk food. Mr 11 - who lives with his Mum didn't really get that concept :-) It was so nice to see the littlies on the floor drawing with the things from their bags.

  3. I love this party idea.My boy is 6 in August and I cant think of a theme yet that isn't just plain boring.I hope you will share some more ideas.I really love the treat bag idea GREAT-love dee x

  4. Its nice to see what other people do for their kids birthdays. We do the same - a friends party one year, and a family the next. The boys had a family one last year, but I still did a special cake, and it was Mario too. Did you see it on my blog? A mario Kart cake.
    Well done on your one up - love it!

  5. The cake is darling. It was a non party year this year for my boys, but they are making up for it with the amount of parties they have been invi
    Too! We are the same width loot bags. I try and keep them simple


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