Autumn Glory

Our days are glorious showing of weather this week, perfect Autumn,
colourful leaves cover the ground and the sky is the most beautiful blue.

Mornings are chilly
Days are warm.
If there is a wind its crisp ( sometimes cold )

We are wearing long sleeves and pants ( occasionally scarves )
Winter pyjamas are in rotation.
We have had our first couple of below zero nights.

The fire is lit about 50% of the nights and really takes the edge off the cold mornings
 Its not really cold enough to put the blankets on the beds just yet.

Bulbs are beginning to break ground in the garden.
Violas and Cyclamen are the cheerful flower faces I see.

I just adore this time of Year!
I wish you all a great weekend sweet readers. x


  1. Ahhh bliss! the colours of autumn. *sigh*
    I always look forward to you sharing your autumn pics with me :)

  2. Gorgeous! I LOVE this time of year in Canberra.

  3. Beautiful colours. We are heating in earnest now and there is snow on the mountains. Still it's not quite cold enough for the winter doona and the transition is tricky

  4. Such beautiful photos :) Autumn is definitely my favourite time of year.


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