Hello sweet readers!
If there is anyone still there after such a long absence from me. In my defence our hard drive is having issues and so there's no computer at the desk. 

However as I adapt to using my phone as a camera and doing my essential internet work via my Nexus7 tablet I decided to give this Blogger app a whirl and see how I go. 

I decided to ease my way back in sharing the lovely yarn that arrived from Denmark yesterday. 

This is holst garn super soft and destined for more dolly knits, my yarn horizons are getting much broader lately as I search for the finer ply in interesting colours and textures.  

I first got this from the lovely suzy hausfrau but then found I could buy smaller sized balls direct from the manufacturer.

 This is yarn exploration is a problem in that I am now accumulating a yarn stash to rival my fabric stash. 
I am having fun along the way though.

Have a lovely weekend. x


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