Easter Weekend

Its over! Well tell me where did those 4 days go? 
I missed my #ripplealong update yesterday as I was enjoying the sunshine and family vibe here, though to be honest there wasn't really much to update on :)

For now I have decided to continue on with my blanket until I run out of white yarn, I don't think I'll get in a full pattern repeat but I feel totally Ok with that 'Que sera sera' . I only did 3 rows of ripple during the week and almost completed another two last night.

I did get quite a bit of Dolly sized knitting done hence the lack of blanket activity.
On Friday I headed over to Katies house where she had a little working Bee going in preparation for Blythefest. There were 4 of us there working on different things. It was great to have a nice girly, crafty catch up.

On Saturday The eldest had his guitar lesson to attend and other than that it was quite a gentle relaxing family day. 

Sunday after a early morning egg hunt that had to be bought indoors due to a light shower of rain, Grandma and Grandpa took the children out to some of the national touristy destinations which seemed to be fun for them ( the children at least ) The Mr and I went out too and headed over to the other side of town for a little shopping and to collect the newest addition to my Blythe doll family, the 'Parson Grace' middie I bought from a Canberra friend. I've named her Peanut.

Sunday was also the day I worked out that there are two weeks of School left not just this one. My poor Children! I thought they just had these 4 days to go before the end of term but they have another full week after that! They are so ready for holidays and in a way a 4 day weekend now was a bit 'mean' slipping us into holiday mode then having it revoked!

 Yesterday I spent some time outside with the Children enjoying the morning sunshine, I wandered around photographing the inhabitants of and visitors to the garden. The Mr put up the new blind in my sons room. Then I made them some sandwiches which the Children sat on the trampoline and ate. In the afternoon The Mr took the biggest boy back to his mother and my fair haired Children and I mellowed out with a movie. My girl is always quite emotionally affected when her big brothers visits are over, so a quite easy afternoon was in order.

Now I have a long weekends worth of housework to get on with and some sweet ( tiny ) middie sized knitting calling me. The sun is shining and the birds are busy. I sign off with a contented sigh.
Have a great Tuesday sweet readers! x


  1. Tammy that picture of the pigface flower is fantastic!

    1. Thank you! It really was in just the right light and I think I upped the shadow a little bit in picasa

  2. What a wonder ful relaxing Easter you had Tammy, looking forward to seeing your new girl, must google, love the photos of the children playing in the yard so leafy and green

    1. I have posted a few pics of her a=on my Facebook page Pam. will do a post sometime soon. x

  3. Looks like you had a great Easter.Love your photos that pig face photo was unreal what kind of camerado you have? love dee x

  4. What a lovely calm and relaxing post to read, I am hoping my steps to a simpler life will lead me to many more contented days like yours. Stacey x


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