Super simple Knitted Bunny

When pinterest told me I could turn a knitted square into a bunny it just seemed too easy.

I have had this failed waffle weave dishcloth sitting in the studio for a really long time so it became my test subject.

I didn't click over to the website the pin came from I just followed along the diagrams and made changes that suited me. The head and ears I created the same way by making the big running stitch triangle and pulling it tight around stuffing

I then I used that same thread to continue on to a shorter running stitch external back seam, I added the stuffing and then for the tail area I took a running stitch through about every second knit stitch about 1 cm from the edge and gathered it all in super tight to for a ruffled tail end.

My embroidering on knitting skill may leave a little to be desired, as from certain angles this bunny looks sad and a little bit 'bad' but once I popped a ribbon around his neck or put him in a basket he became sweet and forlorn. Of this whole process I found I the face to be the trickiest part.

You could do this with any kind of knitted swatch or even a close set crochet stitch too.
Have fun!

 Eggshell garden update here tomorrow :) Kids are getting excited to give them to their teachers.


  1. well that is very cute!
    Have a Happy Easter all of you


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