Ripple Blanket update

Good Morning! 
This is my 4th Crochet Ripple Blanket update if you would like to see my progress from the beginning my other posts are here, the first post is at the bottom.

I have been at a standstill of indecision with my blanket for a few days now. This week I completed another 35 rows, this being a complete pattern repeat of all my colours, The blanket is now an adequate length to cover each of my Children as a couch throw. Herein lies my Quandary, do I want it longer?

Now that I have written this down and am looking at my photos, I'm thinking that a Blanket is probably better to be a little too long rather than a little too short, maybe its the proportions that are bothering me, in that making it too much longer would make it look inadequately wide?

Should I add another 35 rows or weave in that one last end and call it a day?


  1. Oh that's a tricky one.
    Maybe try cutting a piece of fabric in the longer dimensions and seeing if it looks out of scale.

  2. I think you are always better to make it bigger rather than regret doing it later

  3. You can always undo the extra 35, I'm with Bec.

  4. I love this blanket! The colours and pattern are just perfect! Personally, I always like my blankets longer. Whatever you decide, you have a wonderful blanket :)


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