Ripple Along Progress

At my last update I had began on the dark pink row and I am really happy with the progress I have made since then. I have not done too much in the last couple of days but early last week there was sickness in our home and one day I completed 7 rows and another day 5.

One pattern repeat of all of my colours is 35 rows and on average I guess I do two or three a day. I am into my second repeat now. I haven't decided on the final length for my blanket but think it will be at least three pattern repeats.

I have done my best to add images this week I am posting via my Nexus7 tablet and phone as Windows 8 locked us out of the PC on a password reset for the eldest child on Saturday morning when this is fixed on Monday I will replace these images with Camera images. Photos are already edited and replaced 6.10am. :) the phone shows the purple as more of a blue, the green in an inaccurate shade and the darker pink as a more reddish shade. These from the camera are more true to colour.

the instagram pool is #ripplealong and there are lots of lovely progress shots being updated each day.
I'm rushing my edits as I am off to see the hot air balloons so I hope this is not too terribly worded!
Happy Monday.


  1. I love your strip pattern. Fabulous idea.
    The colours look rather true to me on my computer too.

    1. Thanks Becci.
      Yes they are much more true, through the lens of the Camera :)

  2. I am really loving your blanket Tammy. Your colour selection and pattern is absolutely delightful :-)

  3. Your blanket is so pretty Tammy and it's REALLY making me want to do a cotton blanket sometime.

    1. Oh Mel, the Cotton really is lovely with such beautiful softness and gorgeous Drape! Well worth making one IMO.

  4. I love the one thinner row of white in your pattern! Lovely.

    1. Thank you Sher! I really did not want the white to be too dominant but still be fresh. :)


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