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Hello Sweet blog visitors, Happy Saturday!
I have had one of those weeks where I feel like I am chasing my tail and playing catch up.
I went to the dentist, which might not sound like much to a lot of people but the process of organising, experiencing and recovering from this gobbled up the best part of two or three days in major anxiety and then relief/recovery. I have a frustrating dentist/dental phobia. There will be more of this 'facing my fear' to deal with in coming weeks, but enough said for now. I also had a sick child at home another day this week, life went on around me and the housework patiently waited.

When I was in town prior to the dentist appt, I popped into Lincraft in an effort to distract my self and came out with some supplies for my first neck warmer of this season. I have never knitted in this gauge and its a leap after using 4 ply on tiny metal needles which is what I have worked with over the last 12/18 months to construct Dolly sweaters and cardigans. When my daughter saw me using these, after commenting on their size she offered with much gentle concern in her voice "Mum I think those knitting needles might be the ones for beginners"

 I picked up some Lincraft Baw Baw, I really prefer to work with Natural fibres but the last time I made Envy in a smaller gauge with wool and I don't wear it because its too scratchy so I am branching out. This yarn is a 50 /50 wool/acrylic, lovely and soft and has a bit of a sheen. It is the trickiest yarn to photograph sometimes showing as purple toned and other times as a rich royal blue. Its more of a flecked storm blue/grey.

As you can see I botched up the seed stitch in the beginning, as my buttons will be here and it will be covered I left it. I'm not about perfection and really who will be scrutinising it when its around my neck? there are a few bumps in the lovely sleek selvedge too, where I guess I wasn't paying attention and knitted instead of slipping. The pattern is simple and each pattern repeat is 6 rows so I only knit when I have time to do a complete pattern repeat, I'm still working on my crochet blanket and will update my progress on Monday. 
I'll be back tomorrow with some Easter craft ideas. 


  1. Looks a nice colour - can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Hi Tammy, just wanted to say I love being called a sweet blog visitor although I rarely comment. Know all about the dental phobia, mad isn't it! Also had a chuckle about your gorgeous daughters comment.

    Cheers, Karen near Gympie.

  3. Those huge needles are great, the work goes so much faster...I like your daughter's comment, that's funny.


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