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I headed out on Monday Evening to try and photograph two Cockatoo's. They were so very amusing sitting either side of the large water bowl and leaning down to reach the water level for a drink only their tails could be seen poking out. I have never seen Cockatoo's at the water bowl before so that was interesting in itself. They then went off and fossicked for plum seeds on the ground :)

I became aware that the quality of the light was so pretty and warm as the sun was dipping, it is such a lovely time of day to take in some of the beauty of our overgrown neglected  patch of Earth so I took a little stroll around to capture some of what I love right now to share with you 

My Daughter alerted me to the presence of this eager little Crocus. I doubted her at first as the crocus under this tree are yellow and its just too soon but here it is stretching wide to soak up the last rays of that sun.

Here are my plum fossickers, judging by behaviour I suspect one of them was a youngster however cockatoos are so entertaining he/she may have just been feeling playful ? I really don't know.

The detail in the natives is so exquisite it you lean in for a close look.

So many flashy, beautiful & fragrant roses are strutting their stuff.

Its always hard to know which ones to photograph, this one captured my attention with its subtle colour, intricate and damaged petals.

Of all the show stopping gorgeous roses this is the one that I feel will forever have my heart, not fragrant at all, simple and small but at the same time stunning in that simplicity. Its colours being the draw card and in its fading blooms the stamens providing texture where colour once ruled. I adore how It glowed illuminated by the setting sun.

 here is my playful visitor again. It attempted to interact with me but was ultimately still too unsure, definitely a bit more cockily confidant when above the height of my head, it would mimic my movement and try to bridge some distance between us before nervously moving away again.

There is lots happening in the garden right now as we start to feel Autumn in the air, the nights are cooler, mornings are 'brisk' and the days are sunshiney and warm,  I'm looking forward to sharing some of my gardens changing colour with you as my favourite season progresses. x 


  1. Lovely roses, they look like tissue paper!


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