Egg Shell Gardens

Here are how the egg shell gardens looked yesterday afternoon.
Some of the yarn I was using for my neck warmer, which by the way just needs some huge buttons now, plaited up nicely to make some sweet handles, I originally had envisioned raffia or string for this purpose but like this much better and it was so simple.

 When I was putting them together yesterday I thought the bear soil looked a bit blah so went off in search of some moss, which I found dry and despondent looking growing between the paver's under the fig tree. I got some garden tools and it lifted out fairly easily. when I broke it and placed it in the shells it looked a little better but it still didn't look great. I watered it anyway and walked away, thinking I would come back and make a final decision, 15 minutes later I walked back into the kitchen to find it was this beautiful, lush, green, soft, spongy moss! Happy Happy.

I added some simple little cards this morning with some care instructions for planting out, these are both seriously low maintenance plants, the cards say similar things. Both of the children wrote the teachers name and their own on the card and each of them wanted the one that has the grape hyacinth in it, which was a bit mad to me as I so adore the one with the succulents and wanted to keep it! When I told my Daughter I coveted it for myself she chose it.

Though the goal was a non chocolate gift I opted to add a few little choccies anyway as I really think it adds value to the presentation, teachers also deserve a little sweet treat sometimes.
I heard My Girls teacher let out a delighted whoop as she received hers and as I headed out of my sons room I heard his teacher quietly cluck to herself as she placed it on her desk "thats just so cute!"

I'm so thrilled with how these turned out and couldn't have been happier that the recipients like them.


  1. This is so great.i am going to make some of these up for our school fete later this year-thanks-love dee xx

  2. These look fantastic T!!

  3. The gardens are so stinking cute. Very effective and such a lovely gift.


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