Egg shell Garden

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest  and with Easter approaching I thought it was a great idea for a non chocolate gift. I went and selected some small succulents of various sizes from the garden and started saving the bigger halves of my eggshells.

I have put together this little version which will be a teachers gift this year, I have not used moss as shown in the original instructions but do see why it would be a lovely addition. I still plan to add a little handle which will run between the two peaks of the carton and make it easier for my children to carry.

We had eggs for breakfast on Sunday and I had another 6 shells rinsed and ready, I've noticed the grape hyacinth sprouting in the lawn area so dug them up yesterday and planted some in these shells.

I planted the succulents a little over week ago in a hope that they can establish some roots and hope the grape hyacinth will have settled by Easter too. I'll pop back towards the end of next week and let you know how they are going and will be sharing more Easter bits and bobs in the following week or so. 
Take care lovely readers x


  1. great idea i may have to copy this thanks-love dee xxx

  2. Fantastic idea! I copied it straight away. :)


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