Crochet Ripple update

I'm still moving along nicely with my ripple-a-long blanket.
 I can put it down for a couple of days and pick it back up with out a problem though it is still my primary Work in Progress and I seem to do at least a couple of rows most days.

Girls Wear Blue Too - Crochet Ripple Blanket

I have completed just over 80 rows and it seems to be just moving past square to rectangular. It really covers my lap nicely now when I work in the chillier evenings. The kids will also take it and want to wrap themselves or just test it out for a minute :) 

Around the time of last weeks post I also became able to recognise the pattern as I worked which initially reduced time in finding errors and now has pretty much eliminated them. When I say I was able to recognise the pattern, I became aware of where the increases and decreases should be placed in the stitches of the previous row, its kind of hard to describe but some of you might understand. So for example I knew the decrease for the row I was working on would begin in the stitch prior to the decreased stitch of the previous row. I'm also weaving in my ends every few rows and it really pleases me to know I don't have to do them all at the end.

Crochet Ripple Blanket

I may start to loose a little momentum now, I can't say for sure, I am working on some Easter things though as I said earlier with the evenings starting to be cooler it is a great project to be working on while watching telly. With my shorter hair now I am dreaming up & planning so many lovely scarves for myself  there's no telling when I could get an overwhelming urge to start on one of those too!

Piper guards the crochet in the craft chair.

If you want to see more lovely ripple inspiration pop on over to Mels blog for a complete list of the ripple-a-long participants or check out the #ripplealong on instagram. 
Have a great Monday. x


  1. This is gorgeous, I really want to try out ripple crochet, it's on my list :)
    I know exactly what you mean about that lightbulb moment where you realise exactly where the stitches go and what they're doing, it's great!! :)

    1. Thank you, This is my first time rippling and its quite and east pattern to get used to!

  2. Looking fabulous as does your short hair Tammy.

  3. Oh I love your colours they are devine.

  4. very gorgeous - lovely colours and I love how you've added in a thin stripe of white!

  5. this is so pretty Tammy. Love your colours. I'm making a granny ripple that's bright, scrappy and huge!

  6. So pretty and growing so quickly too. I am itching to decrease the stash and by some Bendigo yarn. Wonderful work and it takes great discipline to sew as you go. I am in awe.

  7. This is looking so lovely! Gorgeous colour way - loving the strip of white in the middle! Great job!

  8. My goodness but it's growing fast!

  9. It is looking gorgeous and growing fast. I do so love it when a pattern finally clicks and you don't have to keep reading the insturctions and checking and counting. I thought I had it for a crochet baby blanket I am working on, until one of the squares had only three sides and was looking more like bunting! Note to self: do not attempt fiddly crochet when engrossed in Downton Abbey!!!

  10. It looks great - really loving the color and the color pattern. Sher

  11. Love the colours on your blanket - it looks really "fresh" x

  12. Your blanket is gorgeous! :)


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