Crochet Ripple Blanket

I have joined in the Ripple Along being hosted by my friend Mel aka One Crafty Mumma I have only worked a sample of ripple before so the foundation row based on 157 chains was a big tackle for me!

crochet ripple

Once I had decided to do it there was no question in my mind that I would use anything but Cotton for a blanket. I do tend to prefer working with cotton at this stage as I find it much nicer for my hands, not so drying.

The next step was deciding on colours and finding some inspiration, I wanted to include white and liked Mels  choice of alternating white stripes and I wanted to use these colours again as I love the combination of green, yellow, teal and pink together! My desire was for my colours to touch each other and wanted the white to pop but not dominate. I searched Google image pools of ripple blankets to inspire this and one really jumped out at me.

This one.

Scrap Crochet Ripple Blanket
gorgeous ripple blanked from Janpugs  via Flickr

The white pops, the colours are bright and it provides me with perfect inspiration!
I tracked back to the original image owner the lady who made this in 2009. I gained her permission via flickr, to use it here :)

I chose to start mine with Teal as I already had some of the Teal in 8 ply, I ordered the rest of my colours which arrived on Friday and I have managed to get quite a few rows done while couch bound feeling sick. I am using Lucy from Attic 24's neat ripple pattern and a 4.50 hook with Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton.
Crochet Ripple in progress

I Hadn't decided to add the Grey in its current position and did it impulsively, which then threw the entire colour order I had planned out of whack as I had to add the pale pink ( as best match next to grey ) which I had not planned on using at all. I'm happy with how it is coming along so far. I'll keep up playing along with Monday update posts for the #ripplealong and am frequently posting pics of my progress on Instagram, my profile is private but send me a request if you are a fellow ripple along participant are creative soul who would like to see my crochet evolving as it goes :)


  1. I love that you added you the grey and it looks gorgeous between the yellow and pink. I would really love to do an entire blanket of grey and yellow, but it doesn't really match my colour scheme at home, so I'm a bit hesitant. This is looking fantastic!!
    Mel x

    1. Thanks Mel, I'd love to do a dramatic, black, grey, yellow and orange yarn project sometime. If Bendigo would produce a zesty, sunny shade of orange cotton I would be a happy girl. x

  2. Tammy it looks beautiful, and I can imagine how soft it feels with the gorgeous BWM cotton. I love your choice of colours. I can't wait to finish my woolly ripple, so I can make a cotton one next!

    1. thank you! I still have a couple more colours to add and would consider doing a wool one in the future but for now working in the cotton will be perfect and the drape of it is gorgeous!

  3. It's looking amazing Tammy, I love that we are all so different in our colour ranges.

  4. Very beautiful, Tammy. I love the colours you have chosen.

  5. I think the added grey and pink look lovely with your other colour choices. Beautiful!


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