Blythe Doll Knitting

Good Morning sweet Blog visitors. 

I really thought I'd have a lot more Easter craft to share with you in this past week but I was distracted with some Dolly sized knitting. I totally lost all interest in Blythe for a few weeks there, my poor girls just sat in the studio waiting. A few things contributed to this but I don't really want to get into them right now. I encouraged myself to take out one doll, change her clothes and put her back each day so none would get stained or damaged. Then once I was knitting my neck warmer the dolly ideas and mojo started to flow again.

I purchased a pattern I had sitting in my Etsy cart and set to work with the smallest needles I have, not quite as small as instructed though. Jane's patterns are beautifully written and laid out, she has some pattern freebies available on her blog if you want to give one a try. I have made up the matching 'cosy comforts' sweater too but as I am not working in the recommended gauge, they don't fit together too nicely but they do both fit blythe and are lovely. I just took advantage of the great Suzy Hausfrau Easter weekend sale and ordered a beautiful variety of yarns in different textures and colours that I hope to work up some sets with in coming weeks/months. Once I wash and embellish this dress I'll pop it in my Etsy shop. 

I do hope you have a very GOOD Friday and spend it in a way that will buoy your spirits. x


  1. I'm so jealous you can knit clothes for your Blythe!! I have to buy my knitted Blythe clothes :( Your ripple blanket is beautiful - love your colour combo!!

    1. Thanks Shandell I'm quite happy with how my Blanket has turned out so far. I'm obsessed with dolly knitting ATM and some of it is filtering through to my Etsy store :)

  2. Looks so pretty ,but i don't think i could knit something so small.You are so clever love-dee x

  3. Looks awesome Tammy, I tryed a helmet yesterday, so quick and fast, I wanted to felt it like you did you gorgeous bowls BUT didn't work as not enough pure wool in the wool! Obviously as didn't felt :(


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