Autumn steps in

As we came to the last week of Feb. I started to really notice the smaller birds in the garden, A couple of white plumed honey eaters and an Eastern Spine Bill I did not manage to photograph.

I snapped this fan tail hanging about with some silver eyes one evening, they are still around . Fan tails fly and dart and dance in the most intriguing and entertaining way.


One particularly rainy day a small flock of fairy wrens fossicked and sang but were so hard to capture as with their colouring they blend so well into all the dry and dead growth.

The whole time the fairy wrens hopped about this wag tail sat mainly perched upon the rock at the end of the  garden bed, singing beautifully in response.

I had to rely on high zoom on all of these, while I sheltered from the rain or tried to see into the tippy tree tops. I'm happy to be seeing these small inhabitants visiting again and now that our couple of Wintry cold days seem to have passed I hope to be seeing more of them this week.

Autumn is my favourite season without a doubt. 
Do you have a favourite? x


  1. Loved your natural. x

  2. I am a winter girl.nothing better than snugged up in a blanket watching tv.-love dee x


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