A rose by any other name

The roses are blooming and beginning to beautify the garden at the moment as they dot the place with colourful and fragrant joy. Here are some of the snaps I have taken with my iphone in the garden, and of the  flowers I have cut for the table this week.


Its the beginning of a Long weekend and we have our home filled with all three children here. The vibe is good after a week where various of us were plagued with sickness and the next couple of days are busy. I have a shopping date with my ever growing Girl today and The Mr and I are off to the theatre tonight while Grandma and Grandpa come by to care for the kiddos.

 I will be back on Monday to post about my ripple along progress.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. x


  1. I hope your shopping trip with your daughter was more pleasant than my trip today with my son!!
    So happy for you to be having a date to the theatre with your Mr. Enjoy :)
    Are you heading out to see the balloons at all this weekend?


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