Growing Cherry Tomatoes

I am a bit of a slap dash gardener in that I like things that self seed and are low maintenance. I experiment, I take what comes.

The above cherry tomato that I picked today is the result of such and experiment and somewhat of a surprise when the rest of my cherry Toms, currently look a lot like this one below. Leggy with small fruit and dying off.

Last summer I had one cherry tomato in a pot, towards the end of summer I let some fruit fall and had about 1/2 dozen seedlings sprout in the pot. I popped it into the green house and there those little seedlings sat all through the frosty winter. Come spring and somewhat Early I repotted two, left one where it was, and moved three out side into the massive planter that had been home to the lemon tree ( the lemon wasn't happy here and got moved ) The soil level in this container was at about 2/3 up and most frosty nights I put a piece of clear corrugated sheeting over the top.

Two of the plants eventually gave up and died while the third grew ever so slowly, I thought about just pulling it out several times, but even though it didn't grow it also didn't die so I just let it be. Then over the last three weeks BOOM! it is the biggest healthiest cherry tomato plant I have ever grown and is producing the biggest Cherry toms of the season.

I'm not sure if it was just dumb luck or if it liked being planted with the thyme and chives.
Either way I am looking forward to a few more cherry tomatoes at this tail end of summer and nice big juicy ones at that!