Felting Crochet Bowl

Once I made myself this first crochet bowl I had an overwhelming desire to try and felt it.

crochet bowl felting attempt.

Unfortunately I didn't think to stop and take a photo with the camera so the only before shot I have is this one from my instagram feed.

original crochet bowl

I used some Vintage yarn that was a Patons Jet from the 70's ( to the best of my knowledge )
I popped it through one wash cycle in my front loader  with the temp put up to 90 deg , I have never used that setting before! I didn't get quite the desired effect so I did that again. 
I ended up with this slightly felted texture, not quite what I expected but I like it a lot so at this point it stays. Washing it for that long at that hot seemed a bit wasteful in terms of energy and water but on the up side my washing machine is really clean now!

texture after 2 x 2 hour 90deg wash cycles.

It shrunk a bit but is the perfect size to accommodate my Vintage spools in the studio! Now my curiosity for felting wool with hot water has been piqued, it was fortuitous to see my friend Anna asking about ...

Neat for storage of Vintage spools

... this yarn on Instagram. These colours make my heart happy! 
I know that you can felt any wool yarn but I hope the results with a yarn marketed as 'feltable' will be spectacular.

panda Feltable wool.

I am currently playing with them, be back to share next week. x

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  1. Felting has me intrigued, I'll look forward to seeing your results. Your crochet bowl is adorable.

  2. Your felted bowl is lovely, but I equally really like your vintage spools.

  3. Love the look and feel of felted items.
    Your sweet little bowl turned out lovely.

  4. Love those gorgeous woolly colours. Are you going to make more bowls with them, or something else?

  5. I have always put off getting into felting my own stuff as I thought it too time consuming and just another thing that will add to my projects. Plus I struggle with keeping up with washing our normal loads of washing so adding another thing in there would seem abit of overload! Haha ;-)But I have always been intrigued by the process so maybe one day...
    Now I have this feltable wool, it might be easier to try it. Am curious to see how it all goes for you. Your IG pics have been interesting. And the colours of that wool are quite remarkably gorgeous and eye catching hey!?! Glad I could help ya out there! LOL ;-) Funny how events kinda line up sometimes hey!?!


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