Carnivore in the pond!


Never fear nothing is eating our fishy friends. Its a carnivorous plant! with super pretty flowers

These tiny Orchid like flowers have started to appear in one of the ponds.
I accidentally knocked the one open bloom off in trying to establish if the plant had any leaves and where its point of origin was.

Here it is next to a seaside daisy in my hand so you get an idea of its fragile little size

it originates from beneath a mass of roots that are creeping into the pond from the plants growing in the garden beside it, the fish spawn in these roots. It was really tricky to try and photograph the actual plant itself but it is the brighter green stems you see with three branched off bud sections.

You see one with more clarity here. I was contemplating emailing the previous home owners who recently identified that gorgeous mystery Lily for me but I decided to try and find out for myself and googled "small yellow water orchid" which took me to this lovely post  where I see a very similar, if not the same plant in the 4th image down.

Bladderworts I never knew of such a thing!

I love that though our garden is weedy, overgrown and neglected there are precious jewels and amazing beauty to be found in it each and every day if I just take the time to have a stroll.
Hope you are having a great day :)