In 2 years we have ...

... been moving at a slow pace to make the changes to our home.
We recently passed the anniversary of the date we moved in and it got me thinking of what I want to tackle this year, I hope to have a stronger focus in this area for 2013.
This is a little round up of what we have done so far, its mostly painting, some of the images are not great but you get the general idea :)

We tided up and removed the dividing wire in here to get a bigger temp creative space 

which looked something more like this after. ( taken from opposite ends of the space )

We repainted this boys bedroom and took it from this colour/finish

To these lovely crisp fresh tones :)

We repainted this girls room and took it from this paint colour/finish

To these pretty soft colours :) - balloons not always present lol

We repainted this boys room ( which I only seem to have this image of from the weekend we moved in! )

it now looks more like this.

We really still have a long way to go with painting and there are bits and bobs with storage, furniture and accessorizing that need to be added but it is still nice to see the small progress we have made.

Note to self :- take better before shots and pair them with the afters !


  1. I LOVE before and after shots of shot about anything. I'm so glad you did them. I never remember in time, only when I'm half way through a project.

    1. I' a bit the same Tanya! I couldn't believe I didn't have a pic of that last bedroom ( at all ) I'm sure I took a picture of every room before we put anything in here but apparently not :)

  2. I love befor and afters too- your afters all look so fresh and crisp. We built a new house 3 yrs ago and I still feel like the house is not yet finished, it is amazing what a coat of paint can do :)

  3. It's nice to have a puddle isn't it? Love the bright colours you have brought to the space in your time there - I'm also a fan of before and after shots.. but my problem is that I often take them and then not compare them :-)


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