Feeling Hot, hot. Hot.

Here we are in the midst of the Aussie summer and Boy, Oh Boy I am feeling it. We have had a string of days in the high 30's and still more to come. We don't have a cooling system in our house at this stage. I know it is hotter in other parts of Australia right now but for me personally this is testing, I think it is getting harder for me to tolerate heat as I get older.

On these days my whole routine is vastly different. I need to get all of my major tasks done by about 10.30  and earlier than that is preferred. My Clothesline is in the shade until between 8.30 and 9am so the sooner I can hang the washing, water the potted plants, fill the ponds and top up the birds water sources, the better. I try to avoid cooking the evening meal and have resorted to doing any light preparation that requires cooking early, I am avoiding the oven. Meals are predominately Salad or bread based.


At 5pm yesterday it was 40 deg in Canberra, I think we can expect something similar today. I'm not getting good quality sleep in this heat but on the up side I am eating light, taking afternoon naps and drinking a LOT of water. 

I do hope all of my Australian readers are managing to stay cool in some way. 
How are you faring at your place? 


  1. Tammy I know what you mean when you say "I think it is getting harder for me to tolerate heat as I get older", I'm quite a bit older than you and I find the same thing.

    For me a big difference is being really well hydrated and cool before the heat of the day begins. Look at what you are drinking in water before the heat strikes, I thought I was drinking enough until I analysed it.

  2. It's awful isn't it. I feel like I am wasting so much time - it is just too hot to get anything done. Lots of lying around ....... I am definitely a cold weather person.

  3. We have evap cooling which I dont think works well in the australian summer. Refrigerated cooling is much better and actually feels cool. We have a top of 31 today, much better than the 41 2 days ago. I hope that you stay cool and relax. I avoid the oven when it gets too hot too as it just makes everything hotter.

    1. Hi Sue,

      So glad you have a cooler day a 10 deg temp drop wiould be lovely.
      I have been researching evaporative cooling and it seems the general consensus is that it is ideally suited to Canberra's typically dry summer but no so effective in more humid places.


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