Blythe Doll customisation.

Recently I tried my hand at re-doing a Blythe dolls make up for the first time.

This is how she looked when I originally got her last year.

 I had previously opened her head up and changed her scalp, to give her different hair.
I had applied fabric to her eyelids and given her sleep eyes, this means she can have her eyelids closed if you would like, they don't automatically spring open when you change her eye colour.

Mollys new look

When I decided to commit to giving her some colour I had already carved her face ( a little ) and sanded her stock make up and shine off.

Examining my work. 12/365

I found information online for how to do most of these things. Except the lids, I just winged that. I did her make up with shminke pastels and water colour pencils and I changed one set of her eye chips ( she already had two custom pairs )

This is how she looks now. My first custom Doll :)

Molly spam

I so love the creative avenues Blythe has opened up for me. From my knitting and sewing to carving, playing with colour ... endless things really ... even just the fun of dressing a doll up in a pleasing visual arrangement can make my creative soul sing. If anyone had told me 18 months ago I'd be carving a plastic dolls face and giving her make up I would have thought they were Crazy!
My little plastic family is so good for my creative core and feeds my inner child too.

I'm linking up with Clare where you can read about other girls and their dolls, and if you join in with her linky you have a chance to win some fabric. I'm always a bit cautious to blog about my dolls but they are a part of my everyday so I am trying to embrace it.


  1. I see Blythe dolls around and never really understood the attraction besides them being really , really cute but now I know you can customise them I see them differently now . Thanks so much for telling about the process it is fascinating ! Also a big thanks for linking up xx

  2. Your girl is gorgeous, especially after her makeover.

  3. What an interesting post! To be honest I have never heard of this before but I love the outcome! :)


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