365 Days Blythe - a photo challenge.

I have taken the plunge and joined a Flickr photo challenge this year.
I'm playing along and adding my photos to the 365/Blythe group pool.

I decided to do this as I hope it will inspire me to get more creative with my doll photography and connected in the community, though the biggest reason was that I am hoping it will pull me back to being behind a camera & image editing instead of being so heavily reliant on my iphoneography.

I joined a group which requires you to photograph the same Blythe doll every day for a year. After 7 days I'm already wondering how I'll fare with this. Here are my first 7 photos of Ella, she was my first doll. 

I made this mosaic at BigHuge labs but if you are interested in seeing any of these images individually the link mosaic link will take you to Ella's Flickr set.

We are headed for another stinker today! but a cooler change tomorrow, thankfully!
Hope you are keeping safe and cool. x


  1. Yay for you, Tammy... by the end of the year you will certainly know Ella inside and out won't you ;-)


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