The weekend.

I had a 'shut the gate' kind of weekend and it was lovely.
There were everyday kind of things to do like washing, dishes, tending plants etc.

I also tackled a little pruning though once I started to reduce the size of this interesting shrub there was really a lot more of it than I thought, I was giving the camellias here a nice trim too but it got a bit too hot up by the roof in the sun, so I will come back to that.

I swept away cobwebs and moved potted plants, now that it is getting warmer less direct sunshine will be healthier for lots of my potted pretties. With a little helper we rearranged outdoor furniture to make a lovely little spot to sit in a mostly shaded area.

Inside I caught up on some of the weeks worth of folding. I hadn't washed everyday but there are more than a few baskets worth here on this bed, I'll tackle the rest today.

There were more crochet blocks from the '200 crochet blocks' book by Jan Eaton, in my lovely comfy roomy chair.

I also tided up around said 'lovely chair and made a place for all the books I had in various piles under it! The children's books really leave little room for the adult ones in our bookshelf, so I re arranged some furniture and these are now on a table in the reading room ... right by the bookshelf ;)

What did your weekend look like?


  1. All your crafting books together look lovely.
    A wonderful weekend you've had.

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