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I know I am not Blogging too frequently these days and it dawned on me recently that its because I am micro Blogging with Instagram! Every day I take lots of photos with my iPhone and upload them to instagram with a few lines relating to the image or my thoughts.

I had this post in draft from last week with details about Followgram which I have been using for some time now. Follow gram is a way that non instagram users can see what I am up to on Instagram, it allows me to take my instagram photos and share in my blog posts with ease. I like that I can log in and reply from my computer if I choose to and seeing my pics on a big screen is good for my aging eyes at times :) Its an easy and functional Web interface. ( hope my terminology is right there ) 

You can choose how you view my followgram feed by clicking on the flow or compact options, compact will appear with lots of smaller images as in the screen shot below.

Flow will appear with bigger images and a comment stream below so you can see what other people have said and the interaction.

There is a Followgram follow me button over in the side bar on the right, just below the Nuffnang button :)

Now the new instagram profile is available to view online too.
You can see all of the detail I mentioned is available there too, and while I will flick over to look at the pretty evolving headers that appeal to me so, its the clean look of the followgram feeds that do it for me. So there you go, a couple of ways you can see what I am making, baking and generally doing if you miss my more regular blogging :)


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