Vintage Sewing Patterns

A Little while back I said I'd share my vintage sewing patterns with you, well not the actual patterns per se but show you my collection and help you know what to look for if you want to sew your Blythe girl something. This is not an exhaustive collection but certainly a good range of patterns that will fit Blythe Dolls.

Simplicity 6275. I have sewn from this it is a pattern for 9 inch dolls
Simplicity 5861. Another pattern for 9 inch dolls. this also comes as a pattern for 11 1/2 inch dolls so if you are looking to buy be sure it is the 9 inch doll version.
Simplicity 6207 - a pattern for 8 inch dolls such as Penny Brite. I have sewn from this too.

There are a range of free patterns available on line too, some are modifications of these patterns. 
I started out here at puchicollective. Though I do recollect getting these to print at the correct size was a  trial. I have a group of The McCalls Vintage Skipper patterns which are easier to recognise as they carry the Skipper branding. I do note these sold for .65c back in the sixties as opposed to the .50c for the simplicity ones. :)

McCalls 7716 - I have sewn multiple items from this.
McCalls 7480. I have sewn more than one item from.
Mccalls 7841. I have not used yet.

There are people online selling digital copies of these patterns as the copyright is no longer valid and they feel ok to copy and redistribute, this is a much less expensive option in buying these particular patterns, but if you are vigilant, patient and know what you are looking for you can sometimes find originals on Ebay or Etsy for reasonable prices. I personally could not imagine using a digital copy, part of the appeal for me is in the history, opening up a pattern to see what a seamstress from years gone by had cut out and made, its like a passing on of skills somehow, sometimes there might be a little surprise in there too!

OMGosh look what is tucked inside the vintage pattern I just got!!

There is also a modern day Simplicity sewing pattern specifically for Blythe Dolls Simplicity 2353 it is also relatively hard to find and in most cases will set you back more than the vintage patterns. I have this one in my collection too but have not sewn from it yet, I did cut something out but it has been sitting untouched for months.

I'll finish up by saying if you are buying original Vintage patterns on line be sure to check that all the pattern pieces and the instruction sheet are included. Most sellers will note this in their listings but if not don't be afraid to ask as sadly not everyone is selling honestly. Of course sometimes people just make mistakes or miss things, especially if they don't know what to look for. I'm not trying to scare you off buying online, just help you be sure you are getting what you pay for. ;)

I hope this helps some of you. Happy sewing.


  1. I adore vintage patterns and collect them myself when I see them, although in adult size :) there are a couple of styles here that I wouldn't mind for myself.
    I am not very familiar with this type of doll, I am assuming they are collector pieces? The clothing sure is beautiful Tammy.


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