Vintage Chairs

Now that we have added an extra table in the studio some more chairs were in order I picked up these beauties for $10.00 each with a idea to give them a new look.

I really like the shape of these old chairs and the re upholstery seems like it will be super easy and viable to change on a whim. With a cushion on metal base and frame that lifts right out.

The only damage is to the rear of one chair and a small tear in the vinyl of one seat, which I plan to replace anyway. This chair still seems quite solid to sit in and I think if it posed a problem it wouldn't be super tricky to replace this part. ( I may be overestimating my ability though )

The varnish is in bad shape and scrapes off super easily I am thinking I might sand them and then paint with a gloss. I haven't decided for sure yet but am leaning to white frames. I have some laminate Nicey Jane striped fabric here which would be lovely easy seat covers but I am also drawn to something like this. Of course using what I have on hand would be the better option $ wise.

 I find the unusual angles in the design so nice but am really unsure about the 70's veneer on the seat back, I cant decide if I love it or hate it. 

I'll come back and show when they are done.
 I have never done anything like this before. Any tips or advice for me?


  1. I'm now working on chairs too! Tammy just yell out if you want my advice all over again. :)


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