On Sunday we got up bright and Early and headed off to Questacon. We have a membership, our kids just love it there!
I forgot the camera but as we were there at opening time and it was the first day of daylight savings, we were able to get some decent pics on my iPhone without the crowds of people between us. :)

I'm sharing a sampling of images from the morning :)
fun with sunlight and sequins at Questacon

Catering for little kids with mini Q and other fun like this at Questacon

what I saw in the mirror tunnel at Questacon

making paint splatter art electronically at Questacon

if there was ever any doubt my body shape was pear this proves it at Questacon ;)

Interesting info everywhere at Questacon

Look up and watch the water travel down at Questacon

Oh yes I remember Fibonacci from school hadn't heard of it again until now! at Questacon

I love that we have access to a place like this that makes science and learning so much fun that it doesn't even seem like Science! My boy in particular comments often that he does not enjoy Science at School, but he loves Questacon ;) The older two and I went off to a show about how your brain tricks you called 'perception deception' while the Mr took youngest into Mini Q, an area specifically for 0 - 6 year olds and that you have to book for so it is never overcrowded.

We spent a couple of hours there ad had much fun as always. I even learned a few things. Well worth a visit if you are visiting and a fun way to fill a couple of hours these school hols for the local folk.


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