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Weekend reading! Hexie tutorials!
For the girls wanting to learn hexies with me here are some tutorial and template links to get you started. If you read through at least a few of these you will get the general idea, there are a few different techniques for basting and joining but it seems to mostly depend upon your personal preference. I have noted in my links if I used a particular technique in my starting. I will come back in following days with some project idea links and share my beginning thoughts and experience in a post too.

Chase has shared this Great tutorial with lots of pictures. Includes basting and joining technique.

Jenelle shares this tutorial with templates for three different sizes.

Robin shows a way of joining a flower where the centre and radial sides are joined at once.

Kati Recycles plastic milk bottles for templates!

Amy from badskirt put together this great text doc.  
which I used as my starting point and I love this finishing technique she has shared

Kathy Shares these 1 inch templates these are what I have started with.

 So far I think that there are 4 or five of us willing to give this a try for the first time :)

Have a great weekend


  1. Looks like lots of inspiration there to look through T. I'm sure when I get some time to have a good look it won't seem so daunting.
    Can't wait to see what you have been making with your hexies.


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