Hair Cut.

we have been talking about it for weeks.
I first suggested it as she is reaching an age where she wants to be able to look after her own hair with washing, styling etc. and I could see she was struggling with the length.

She liked the idea but struggled with the thoughts about her closest friends at school having and wanting long hair. At this length, I would not allow her to wear her hair down when attending school. Head lice in Canberra have just been too much of an issue this year and I did what I could in tying her hair up and plaiting to minimise contact risk. This second week of holidays, she reached a more definite 'cut it' mentality. I was excited and nervous for her as I knew she would really feel and be aware of the difference this time.

So here is my Sweet Pea with her new Do.
It so perfectly suits her personality and we all love it, most importantly she loves it. 
I'm proud she was able to overcome her own peer pressure perception and make a decision she is happy with.
Sorry for the flash photography. It has been consistently raining here and a bit wintry these last couple of days.


  1. Love the new haircut, it really suits her :)
    My Miss 12 has only really been able to look after her own long hair this last 12 months so cutting your Miss 8s hair makes good sense...and it will grow long again.

    1. thanks for commenting again lovely! Yes I advocate if you don't like it, its gonna grow back so no point worrying about it too much :)

  2. Looks great, does suit her. My niece (10) is growing her hair very long but wears it up for school. I like change myself and as you say it always grows back! Love your banner....

  3. Her new haircut looks great, and good on Little Miss for doing what she wanted rather than bowing to peer pressure. :)


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